Happy New Year 2016!

The Aspec Construction team have been hard at work throughout the Christmas period to complete the building works for the Bishop Selwyn Chapel. The ceiling in now fully painted (the gold paint colour providing a sense of what the final gold leaf application will look like); the floor tiles are all in place; and the surrounding earthworks have commenced.

The ceiling fully painted and all the tiles in place on the stairs

The photos below show the construction of the new disabled access path to the Chapel. This path is an extension of the curved path around St Mary’s, and will enable disabled access from both the St Mary’s carpark and the Parnell Road carpark.

photo 8

Boxing out the curved path ready for the concrete pour

photo 3 (1)

Waterblasting the concreted path to expose the aggregate

Aspec expect to be finished on site by March 2016. Exterior scaffolding with shrink wrap will then be installed to fully enclose the Bishop Selwyn Chapel from dust and insects while the ceiling is gilded. The gilding process will take approximately 18 weeks to complete.

We look forward to the opening of the Bishop Selwyn Chapel in the middle of 2016.