The gilders arrive!

Another milestone today when the team from Studio Carolina Izzo Ltd arrived on site to commence the gilding of the Bishop Selwyn Chapel ceiling.

Carolina, born and trained in Italy, works both nationally and internationally, and has studios in Wellington and Parnell, Auckland. We are very fortunate to have this expertise available so close to home!

Signing of gilding contract with Carolina Izzo
Studio Carolina Izzo was the successful tenderer for the gilding of the Bishop Selwyn Chapel ceiling. Carolina (right) is seen here signing the gilding contract with Dean Jo Kelly-Moore in December 2015.

The gilding process involves application of 8cm x 8cm pieces of gold leaf, in three different colours of gold, to form a random patchwork-like pattern on the curved ceiling. Work to cover the 238 metres-squared ceiling will take up to 18 weeks.

Over the weekend the Chapel was again shrouded in shrink wrap, to create a controlled environment for the gilding process. The ceiling will be gilded both inside and outside the walls of the Chapel, so the wrapping is essential to minimise the ingress of dust and insects.

The Bishop Selwyn Chapel – wrapped again!


We welcome Carolina and her team and look forward to seeing the end result!

Carolina with her team (clockwise from top R) son Riccardo, Olivia Jackson-Mee and Adele McNutt, outside the Bishop Selwyn Chapel