32 ft Double Open Wood

A huge milestone for the Cathedral and the organ building world in general this week when the bottom octave of the 32′ Double Open Wood was hoisted into place.

These are the first pipes of this stop to be made for a cathedral since the 1920s, and the first stop of its kind to be installed in a New Zealand organ for over a century.

The pipes, which were made in two or three sections, depending on size, were assembled in the Pedal chamber. Each section was bolted to the wall with resin bonded fixings.

Over the next two weeks this stop will be joined by the rest of the Pedal section of the organ, which includes three more stops of 32′ pitch.

If you are visiting the Cathedral, take the opportunity to look up and see these enormous wooden square structures, as once the casework is installed in front of them, they will never again be visible, however their presence will certainly be felt and heard!

2016_07_20 Nicholson 32 foot 4718
Bolting the fixings to the wall
2016_07_20 Nicholson 32 foot 4728
Tightening the bolts
2016_07_20 Nicholson 32 foot 4744
Preparing to lift the top section onto the lower section
2016_07_20 Nicholson 32 foot 4760
Fixing the top section to the wall
Philip Smith, Cathedral Organist, in front of Bottom C!