The Bishop Selwyn Chapel is open!

More than 600 people attended the Dedication and Opening Service of the Bishop Selwyn Chapel on Sunday 21 August.

The Very Reverend Jo Kelly-Moore, Dean of Auckland, thanked all those involved in the construction of the Chapel, and The Right Reverend Ross Bay, Bishop of Auckland, thanked the Dean for driving this project through to completion. The Bishop’s sermon is available here on the Holy Trinity Cathedral website.

Bishop Ross knocked on the doors three times with his crozier before marking out the letters Alpha and Omega as he dedicated the Chapel.

This Service marks the physical completion of Holy Trinity Cathedral and the commencement of its journey to consecration in October 2017.

Chapel Opening -8
A full house at Holy Trinity Cathedral for the Bishop Selwyn Chapel Opening Service
Chapel Opening -36
The Right Reverend Bishop Ross Bay, Bishop of Auckland, knocks on the Chapel doors
Chapel Opening -200
The Right Reverend Jim White, Assistant Bishop of Auckland, dedicates the Altar
Chapel Opening -207
The Right Reverend Te Kitohi Pikaahu, Bishop of Te Tai Tokerau, dedicates the Cross


Chapel Opening -21
The Bishop Selwyn Chapel


Chapel Opening -55
Chapel architect, Jeff Fearon, with Dean Jo Kelly-Moore

Photographs by Luci Harrison Photography