New Lighting and Sound System for the Cathedral

The stage lighting and speakers for the Cathedral were previously attached to the underside of the bridge.  With the demolition of the bridge, a new sound system and lighting rig have been designed to replace the ones removed.  Kenderdine Electrical Ltd designed and installed the lighting truss which will tuck up into the ceiling cavity and be brought down via motorised controls when needed.  Intec Systems has designed the upgraded sound system and is seen here installing the new speakers high up on the columns. Cathedral truss being loaded


The Great Window from the Chancel

Until now, this blog has been full of pictures from the Nave end of the building but now we have access to the Chancel, the full impact of the Great Window can be appreciated with the Bridge out. The truss for our new lighting system is also in place and we are one step closer to reopening.

Great Window

Scaffolding is removed

Today, the scaffolding which has been in place for the past few months will be removed. Peter Marshall of Dominion Constructors, has been the foreman of the Nave build and has overseen the removal of the Bridge and Corona, and the bracing of the Nave walls. Today, as the scaffolding is removed, showing the beautiful, light and open space which the Bridge once filled, he reflects on the project with which he has been so closely involved.

“The Bridge removal project has certainly been an interesting and unique experience. Like any construction job, things don’t always go according to the best-laid plans but we tackle each thing as it comes and do our best. I am very happy with the result.”

peter marshall

The first rays of light!

This morning, the yellow netting was pulled back and the vacant space formerly occupied by the Bridge was revealed. The Bishop, the Dean and the Cathedral Staff were all delighted to be faced with a very real image of what our new Cathedral will be after years of speculation, along with all the new possibilities it will offer.Dean Jo Bridge out

Steel bracing goes in

With the bridge being removed, additional structural bracing is required to strengthen the sides of the Cathedral Nave, ready to support the weight of the new organ.  Installing structural bracing also means that we do not have to increase the dimensions of the existing columns.

The bracing consists of large lengths of boxed steel girders which have been installed into the walls this week.

Bracing 2014-08-08