Dedication Service

Sunday morning saw a sizeable crowd process from the Cathedral after the 10 am Service, around to St Mary’s, where The Very Reverend Jo Kelly-Moore led a Service of Dedication for St Mary’s Court and the re-designed Brewer Memorial Garden.

The Brewer Trust which looks after the garden was created by the Brewer family in memory of Madeline Louisa Brewer, who lived her later life in Parnell and was a parishioner at St Mary’s.

The photo below shows (from R to L) Wayne Brewer, grandson of Madeline Louisa Brewer, talking with The Very Reverend Jo Kelly-Moore and Richard Adams, Selwyn’s Vision Campaign Chair, after the Service.

Photo 3




Colour returns to Brewer Memorial Garden

The colourful Brewer Memorial Garden was removed last year to allow a realignment of the driveways and new paved areas for St Mary’s Court.  Finally this week colour returned to a newly formed Brewer Memorial Garden.

Dr Jacky Bowring has designed the landscaping for the Cathedral precinct and this has included creating an outdoor ‘room’ for the Brewer Memorial Garden, with five corten planters and curved Tōtara hedging.  The curve of the hedge being “an echo of the distinctive circular form of the original Brewer Memorial Garden”.  The hedge runs parallel to the axis of St Mary’s and continues along the Parnell Road frontage. It will be grown to the same height as the Labyrinth hedge. The street side of the hedge has been planted with Star Jasmine, a highly fragrant ground cover.

The 2mx2mx900mm corten planters have been fabricated by Auckland artist David McCracken. Over the coming weeks and months they will rust to a beautiful burnt orange colour.

The plant selections for the planters were designed by Bev McConnell of Ayrlies Garden in Whitford, Auckland. Bev and her wonderful team have been propagating the plants over the last few months, including some unique plants specially for Holy Trinity Cathedral. They arrived early Wednesday morning to do the planting.

Soil is unloaded into the corten planters
4 cubic metres of soil was unloaded into each of the corten planters

Ben and Jac from Ayrlies

Ben and Luke from Ayrlies Garden commence the planting

Bev McConnell with Tony, Ben,

Bev McConnell (on the right) with her planting team – (from left) Tony, Ben, Jaque, Luke, Judy and Anne

An irrigation system has been installed to ensure longevity of all the plantingToday the lawn is being rolled out and next week will see the plaque reinstated to complete the redevelopment of the Brewer Memorial Garden.

The new lawn is unrolled
The new lawn is unrolled

Additional features include new retractable bollards that have been installed to control vehicular traffic, greatly improving the safe use of the area as a pedestrian precinct, and lighting poles which are providing great night time illumination of the carpark, the Cathedral and St Mary’s.

Thank you to all the many people who have worked hard to make St Mary’s Court a very special area for contemplation and much appreciation to Bev for her input and guidance, which she has so consistently given over the years since the wonderful Trinity Garden tours of the 1990s.

On the first Sunday in Advent, 29 November 2015, as part of our 10am Choral Eucharist, we will dedicate the newly formed Brewer Memorial Garden. All welcome!

The bell canopy arrives!

Two large trucks arrived at Holy Trinity Cathedral on Tuesday morning; one carrying a crane and another carrying the bell canopy. It was very exciting, though somewhat nerve-wracking, watching as the crane lifted the 1 tonne bronze canopy and manoeuvred it adroitly between the roofs of the Cathedral and St Mary’s. This canopy will provide shelter when moving between the new door from the ambulatory of the Cathedral to the new door into the side porch of St Mary’s. Congratulations to all involved in the successful design, fabrication and installation of this stunning new feature.




Bell Canopy

The outside space between the new door from the ambulatory of the Cathedral to the new door into the side porch of St Mary’s will soon be sheltered by a bronze canopy. This will be hung from a beam extending from Holy Trinity Cathedral.

In the next few weeks, if you see a crane sitting in St Mary’s Court from Parnell Road, it will be lifting this new canopy into place. The canopy itself will weigh in the region of 1 tonne.

This bespoke canopy has been designed by Fearon Hay Architects and manufactured by Sheetmetals Ltd in their Mt Wellington workshop.

The photos show it nearing completion in the factory.

Bell Canopy 2015-07-22 (1)

Bell Canopy 2015-07-22 (2)


St Mary’s Court Lighting

The reconfiguration of St Mary’s Court includes installation of new exterior lighting. A lighting plan has been designed by Light Works Ltd and ECC Lighting is generously supplying the lights.

The up-lights that light up the trees from the ground have been installed, as well as three lighting bollards to light the walkway.  Installation of all the lights will be completed in the New Year.

Mike Robinson and Richard Thorburn of ECC measuring lengths for LED light strips
Mike Robinson and Richard Thorburn of ECC measuring lengths for LED light strips


The fences are down!

After 5 months of walking all the way out to the road to enter St Mary’s, the construction site fences have come down this week and St Mary’s Court is open.  The new alignment is complete and the grass has begun to grow.  Some finishing details are still to take place before and after Christmas, including the tiling of the Patteson Entrance to the Cathedral, the wooden finishes to the handrails, and additional exterior lighting.

Thank you to Dominion Constructors, the principal contractor for this area of the Selwyn’s Vision project, for an excellent result!  It is wonderful to see people walking through the Cathedral precinct again.

2014-11-27 Fences St Mary's Court Open 1 (8)


2014-11-27 Fences St Mary's Court Open 1 (9)