Donate a Pipe

A magnificent new organ – the New Voice –  has been designed for Holy Trinity Cathedral by Nicholson & Co. of Malvern, England. The organ will be manufactured in their UK factory from 2015 and installation will commence in 2016. An independent organ consultant, Paul Hale, will oversee the UK construction and NZ installation of the organ.

The new instrument will comprise 92 speaking stops and 5,322 pipes.  It will be played from two 4-manual consoles: a fixed console in a loft above the Marsden Chapel, or a mobile console in the Nave.  An artist’s impression of the New Voice organ is shown below.

The removal of the bridge between the Nave and the Chancel will allow the new organ pipes to be heard and seen from everywhere in the Cathedral.

The New Voice Project is a part of the Selwyn’s Vision project, to complete and consecrate our Cathedral.  The New Voice Project aims to raise the final $1 million towards the organ cost of $4.5 million, by inviting you to give $1,500 and “Donate a Pipe”.

Please visit for more information on how to donate a pipe.

proposed organ and no bridge