Step tiling commences…

The long awaited tiling of the Patteson Entrance steps has begun. The ramp has been completed. By the end of this week we will be able to see a huge change.

Patteson Entrance Step


Removing the Big Pipes

Today the organ builders begin work to remove the largest pipes from the Harrison organ. This is a mammoth undertaking due to the sheet size and weight of the pipework, some weighing upwards of 700kg. The scaffolding which reaches right up into the ceiling of the Cathedral Chancel is around 25m high in order to tackle the tallest pipes.


IMG_0193 (2)

Organ Deconstruction Begins

Today saw a little déjà vu as scaffolding was once again carried into Holy Trinity Cathedral, this time to facilitate the old Harrison organ’s removal.

We welcome to the Cathedral Paul and Neil Daly from Nicholson & Co Ltd, the company building the new Cathedral organ.  For 5 weeks during January and early February, supported by a team of local organ builders, Paul and Neil will be removing the old Cathedral organ.  In this process they will be retaining the pipes that will be reused.  Some of these will be transported back to the UK for reconditioning. The largest pipes will be reconditioned here in New Zealand when Nicholson’s come for the first part of the organ installation in 2016.


New Lighting and Sound System for the Cathedral

The stage lighting and speakers for the Cathedral were previously attached to the underside of the bridge.  With the demolition of the bridge, a new sound system and lighting rig have been designed to replace the ones removed.  Kenderdine Electrical Ltd designed and installed the lighting truss which will tuck up into the ceiling cavity and be brought down via motorised controls when needed.  Intec Systems has designed the upgraded sound system and is seen here installing the new speakers high up on the columns. Cathedral truss being loaded